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Toronto, Etobicoke, Mississauga and Oakville.

Stone Pros Canada multi - step sealcoating application process begins with a thorough cleaning of your driveway. This includes using a high powered gas blower to remove all loose dirt and foreign material from your driveway as the first critical step in the driveway sealing process.
During the driveway sealing process we will trim any grass or flowers that overhang or touch your driveway so as to ensure complete coverage of your driveway when we apply the tar emulsion that will completely seal your driveway.
If your driveway has existing oil or other stains on the driveway caused from a leaking oil pan Stone Pros Canada will apply a primer to the affected spots, this prevents leaching through the newly applied asphalt sealcoat.
Stone Pros Canada will then apply a 1 coat application of high quality coal tar emulsion sealer to the driveway. We will then block off your driveway to pedestrian and vehicular traffic for at least 24 hours giving the sealing emulsion time to cure.
This asphalt sealer tar emulsion will be dry enough to walk on within 4- 6 hours. The asphalt sealer will be completely cured within 24 hours giving your driveway a beautiful new look.
Stone Pros Canada also pressure washes, seals and repairs interlocking driveways. This pressure washing and interlock sealing service will give all old and dated driveways a pristine new look at an affordable price.
We will remove, through high powered pressure washing, all weeds and grass growing through the cracks in your interlocking paver driveway. We will also remove all dirt and grime that has stuck to your interlocking driveway pavers over the years. Finally we will install new, high quality polymeric sand in the paver joints and then apply a driveway sealer to protect your driveway from the harsh environment of Canada's changing climate.


mississauga driveway sealing
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